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Hunting ground: VIŠNJIČKI BOK III/36
Renter: "KARLOVIĆ" obrt za ugostiteljstvo, lov i turističke usluge - Samobor
Owner. Marijan Karlović
Phone:01 332 6536
Mobile:091 575 1550
E-mail: marijan.karlovic@gmail.com

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Lov na divlje patke u Posavini
Duck hunt at Posavina

Duck hunting in Posavina

In the hunting ground "Višnjički bok" thanks to extraordinary habitat conditions (in the hunting area there is 284 ha of rivers, canals, streams wetlands and ponds, eg water surfaces), we have large population of ducks.

Duck hunting, most commonly “Caccia alle anatre”, is very popular, expecially among Italian hunters. Duck hunt takes place before and after the sunset while waiting for flight when they are leaving the waters and fly inland looking for food, ducks are also being hunt with dogs. Depending on the height of flight stronger chokes and larger pellet is used (3,0 – 3,5 mm), maximal shooting distance is 40m. Duck hunt is allowed from September 1st. to January 31st.

Wild boar

Wild boar hunt

In the hunting ground "Višnjički bok" as in other regions of Posavina and Pounje population of Wild boars is traditionally strong, but of course, thanks to ability of adaption and reproduction of wild boars. Due to lowland terrain on the grounds there are a number of microdepressions that are damp and overgrown with reed, in which Wild boars love to stay.

Wild boar is being hunt with dog chase, drive, stalking and waiting. Weapons with grooved tubes are being used to hunt wild boar, and the lowest permitted weight of grain is 8.20 grams, shooting at maximum of 150 meters. Use of hunting rifles with smooth bore is allowed, but on maximum of 40 meters of distance. Boar, and pig is being hunt whole year, and there's no closed season for them.

Red stag hunt

Red stag hunt

In the hunting ground "Višnjički bok" because of very lowland terrain in the hunting area there's a large number of microdepressions that are damp and overgrown with reeds, in which Red stag love to stay.

Red stag are being hunt by waiting, stalking, luring, (zaprežna kola). Weapons with grooved tubes are used to hunt deers, least allowed grain weight is 8,20 grams, and maximum shooting distance is 150 meters.

Red stag season is opened from August 16 to January 14, doe season is opened from October 1st to January 14th, and calves season is opened from October 1 to January 31.

Pheasant hunt

Pheasant hunt

On the hunting ground there's a lot of unattended agricultural areas overgrown with thick weed and woody vegetation, and most of the arable land is covered with shrubs, hedges and trees, which contributes to peace and good hiding of pheasants who also finds food in them. Pheasants tipically resides on sandy soil, sandy loam and loam, ie. on the warmer permeable soils that can be found in big numbers on our hunting grounds. Due to the lowland terrain on the grounds there are a number of micro depressions that are damp and overgrown with reeds and sedge, that suits pheasant because of abundance of animal food.

Pheasant is hunt in chase, drive, and with dog chase. Hunting shotgun is used for pheasant hunt, cal. 12, 16 and 20 using meal with diameter of 3,0 to 3,5 mm on the maximum distance of 40 meters.

Roe deer hunt

Roe deer hunt at Posavina region

Roe deer feels equally good in the lowland and mountain areas. Roe deer  is a resident of a fields almost as well as forests. Our forests are mixed and pure stands of oak, ash, locust, and of some other soft leaves species. Vegetation is suitable for roes because they have enough space to inhabit, sheltering and mating.

Hunting methods are waiting, stalking, luring and Horse-drawn wagons. Weapons with grooved tubes are used for hunt, with minimum of 3,24 grams grain weight, and maximum of 150 meters of shooting distance.

Roebuck season lasts from May 1 to September 30, and does and fawns season lasts from October 1 to January 31.