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 Kako do lovišta:

Iz smjera Zagreba autocestom A3, izlaz Novska, nakon naplatnih kućica skrenuti lijevo županijska cesta D47 smjer Jasenovac, nakon ulaska u Jasenovac ići na most za smjer Hrvatska Dubica za selo Uštica, sada ste već u lovištu, izlaskom iz sela Uštica, (pazite na vrlo oštar zavoj u lijevo) a prije sela Tanac sa desne strane je skretanje sa ceste D47 na sporednu cestu za selo Višnjica.

 Pozicija lovišta selo Višnjica:

   16.86680317  45.25794182

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Hunting ground: VIŠNJIČKI BOK III/36
Renter: "KARLOVIĆ" obrt za ugostiteljstvo, lov i turističke usluge - Samobor
Owner. Marijan Karlović
Phone:01 332 6536
Mobile:091 575 1550
E-mail: marijan.karlovic@gmail.com

Hunting ground VIŠNJIČKI BOK PDF Print E-mail

Hunting ground III/36 “Višnjjički bok” was established in 2005, before that the area was located within state's hunting ground III/28 “Posavske šume” that was governed by “Hrvatske šume”.

The total area of hunting ground is 4086 ha, but area intended for hunt is 3628 ha, in the hunting ground agricultural and forest area are represented in equal measures. Hunting grounds are territorially located in the western part of Posavina, ie the extreme eastern part Pounje, since the mouth of the river Una into Sava is located on the northeastern border of hunting.

Hunting ground “Višnjički Bok” resembles a triangle, which is closed by the rivers Una and Sava with their mouth, and the canal “Šegotin jarak” (direction Drenov Bok -Predore- Donji Cerovljani), administratively it belongs to  Sisak-Moslavina county, and is located in its eastern part.

The nearest settlements are “Jasenovac”, “Hrvatska Dubica”, “Donji Cerovljani”, “Predore”, “Drenov Bok”, settlements “Višnjica”, “Tanac“ and “Uštica” are in the borders of hunting ground, nearest town is “Novska” (15 km from “Višnjica”). Hunting ground is well connected via Jasenovac A3 highway Ivanja Reka - Lipovac it is distanced only 12 km.

Hunting ground Višnjički bok at Spring
Hunting ground Višnjički bok at Winter

The natural backbone of hunting ground are rivers “Sava” and “Una” that have been changing directions frequently throughout the history what is evident by the dry river beds and backwaters. Altitude of hunting ground is only 7 meters, there is a large number of rivers, canals, depressions, or ponds, marshes, and a number of peat bogs. Wetlands overgrown with reeds and sedge are favorite residence of Red stag.

Red stag pride of every Hunting ground

The climate in the hunting ground is moderate and rainy of the continental type, with snow and frosts during the winter. Winters are harsh with the snow in 1. and 2. month with the average height of 15 cm. Winter is often interrupted with warmer periods, which leads to partial melting of the snow. Rainfalls are eavenly distributed throughout the year, except in winter when are declining.


Interweaving of forest and river landscape , has created ideal habitat for many species of wildlife. Dominant big game in this area include Red stage, Wild boar and Roe deer, and the main small game is European hare, Pheasant and Wild duck.


Map of hunting ground

Standard PDF MAP of Hunting Ground

Photos of Hunting ground

Photos taken in our Hunting ground