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Hunting ground: VIŠNJIČKI BOK III/36
Renter: "KARLOVIĆ" obrt za ugostiteljstvo, lov i turističke usluge - Samobor
Owner. Marijan Karlović
Phone:01 332 6536
Mobile:091 575 1550
E-mail: marijan.karlovic@gmail.com

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In Croatia hunt has a long tradition, from the earliest times, the first hunting society in Croatia was established in 1881. Karlović family have long and noble tradition as well. We can mention Croatian Ban Ivan Karlović (1485. - 1521.), the Croatian nobles Roy, a descendant of the family of krbavski princes Kurjaković's , one of the branches of an old Croatian tribe Gusić's.  

Hunting ground III/36 “Višnjjički bok” was established in 2005, before that the area was located within state's hunting ground III/28 “Posavske šume” that was governed by “Hrvatske šume”

Hunting ground “Višnjički bok” is of extremely lowland type, situated in Sisak Moslavina county, near the confluence where river Una goes into river Sava. Total surface of hunting ground is 4086 ha.

Interweaving of forest and river landscape , has created ideal habitat for many species of wildlife. Dominant big game in this area include Red stag, Wild boar and Roe deer, and the main small game is European Hare, Pheasant and Wild duck.

If you want to acquire a quality trophy of Red stag, Roe deer or Wild Boar, and at the same time enjoy the picturesque landscape of Posavina, then come and visit us. You will get no less delight in hunt on small game such as Pheasant and Hare, or far known hunt on Wild ducks in Posavina.

Marijan Karlović